Untitled (Atropa #1) , 2016 Metallic digital C-print, 40 x 50 inches
  Electrum , THE SUB-MISSION, 2015 Electropsychometers, copper, polycarbonate, black light bulbs, plywood, lacquer, dimensions variable
  Ecto (Sample A) , 2015  Metallic digital C-print, 40 x 32 inches  
  Untitled (Case Stack) , slow Gallery, 2015 Electropsychometer cases, mirrored acrylic, dimensions variable
  Grounding Object , slow Gallery, 2015 Electropsychometers, mirrored acrylic, balloons, helium, copper wire, dimensions variable
  Psychometrics , Chicago Artists' Coalition, 2015 Digital C-print mounted on Dibond, electropsychometer, 0.25-carat diamond made from hair, walnut, acrylic, dimensions variable
  Proposed Vortex (Iteration #1) , The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, 2014 Digital C-prints, black light bulbs, floodlights, wall plate, power outlet, chalk, dimensions variable      
  A Record of Disillusion , Chicago Artists' Coalition, 2014 Amber, mirrored acrylic, black light bulbs, floodlights, extension cord, wall plate, power outlet, dimensions variable
  As Within, So Without , 2014 Digital C-print mounted on Dibond, two-way mirrored acrylic, lighting stand, clamp, sandbag, dimensions variable 
  Chartres Cathedral , 2012 Digital C-print, 40 x 50 inches  
  78 rpm (1s) (4s) , 2011 Digital C-print, 24 x 20 inches  
  Untitled (Abdali's Plan) , 2010 Digital C-print, 40 x 32 inches