From foreground to background: Kimilsungia (orchids) and Looping Swans (video), 2018 Adjunct Positions (Los Angeles, California)
 From left to right: Kimilsungia (detail) and Looping Swans, 2018
 Kimilsungia (detail), 2018
 Kimilsungia (detail), 2018 Bronze plaque, 10 x 20 inches
 Looking for Freedom, 2018 Ephemera from performative intervention at Adjunct Positions (Los Angeles, California)
 Looking for Freedom (detail), 2018
 Looking for Freedom (detail), 2018 4 individual screenprints from performative intervention, 11 x 11 inches (each)  Installation images by Austin Radcliffe, 2018. .
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