INFRINGEMENT @ §üb∫amsøn projekte


"Participating artists: Zachary S. Allen, AnnieLaurie Erickson, Sean Foulkes, Andrew Hammerand, Regina Mamou, and Scott Patrick Wiener.

Infringement showcases contemporary work that challenges and subverts both a growing global surveillance state and a culture that increasingly views the world through the prism of technology—be it our devices or state-controlled satellite imagery. Asking that viewers begin to question how images are made, the artists of Infringement appropriate the mechanisms of surveillance and employ image manipulation for their own means. The result is an unsettling portrait of a post-Edward Snowden world, in which questions of personal privacy and the ever-present reality of surveillance are urgent.

Working in and against the genres of landscape, documentary, and street photography, as well as sculpture, the artists in Infringement participate in and simultaneously critique the methods of their investigation, while raising legal and moral questions about how we make and consume images today. Who—the artists ask—is allowed to look? And how? Where is the ever-elusive line of privacy being drawn and by whom?

Infringement offers an alternate vision of the world in which we live—a less than sanguine narrative, which yields lasting questions about our future and the way in which images operate within it.

This project was conceived by Zachary S. Allen and produced by Zachary S. Allen, Lucy Wood Baird, Sean Doherty, Brittany Marcoux, Loretta Park, Seymour Polatin, Joanna Sokolowska, and Morgen Van Vorst. Funding for this project has been generally provided by the Graduate Program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Special thanks to Dina Deitsch."

The exhibition Infringement is opening on May 8, 2015, and runs through June 6, 2015. §üb∫amsøn projekte at Samsøn Projects is located at 450 Harrison Avenue &/@ 29 Thayer Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02118.